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How to call ActionPerformed method from different class

I’m trying to call an actionperformed method from a file under the same package as the one I wish to call it from. I have two classes, EditSeriesPaint and MyDataVisualization. I want to call EditSeriesPaint from MyDataVisualization. This is what I’ve tried: EditSeriesPaint Class: MyDataVisualization Class: However, when I add the method to esp and go to use the color

How can I implement interface correctly?

I am doing homework of making a simple calculator using java and interface in java. but the class that implements java gives error saying here is the code Answer There are a couple of issues here. First, since BasicCalculator is a public class, it needs to be defined in its own file named Second, the method names in BasicCalculator

Java – generate and rotate matrix

recently I’m trying to learn Java a bit and currently, I’m working on a simple program that should generate a matrix and then rotate it. I’m stuck at the first part. What exactly is the problem? The logic of my code seems to be fine, but anyway program is returning not what I would expect. The code: Output: Please, enter

Java, my own copy() method would not work

I am learning java and came upon a small problem, my copy() method will not work. I work based on a UML diagram and I am pretty sure that I’m doing everything correctly. Here is the code: Constructor: copy() method: The error flashes at the parantheses FileName() it says: ‘FileName(java.lang.String, java.lang.String)’ in ‘Exam_Practice_4.FileName’ cannot be applied to ‘()’ Here is

Need help understanding basic recursion problem

I have just started practicing with recursion I have this very simple practice program problem. There are bunnies standing in a line, numbered 1,2,3… The odd bunnies (1,2,3..) have normal 2 ears. The even bunnies (2,4,6…) have 3 ears, because they each have a raised foot. Recursively return the number of ears in the bunny line. I have the solution.

How to call a method twice in a row?

I have a code where in my class I would like to be able to call the method answer twice like qns.answer(5).answer(7). But right now when I call the method answer as below, I get the error cannot find symbol. For example: Would appreciate if you could kindly give some pointers on how to get around this. Answer Question can