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Tag: math

Algorithm to get the submultiples of each number in a range

I have this exercise in mind, I keep trying to solve it in Java but I’m not able to create a correct algorithm to get the submultiples of each number in a range, the start and the end of the range is user defined. Besides, the number 1 doesn’t count as a submultiple. For example, in a range between 3

Java Calculator program issue

I am trying to develop a calculator program that inputs an arithmetic expression of the form number operator number = and computes the result of the expression. The expression will be evaluated from left to right not considering regular operator precedence. For example, the expression 14 – 5 * 3 = will produce 27.0. The value = displays the final

Put sin on segment in 3d

i need to put a sin function, or any other function on start of segment in 3d space. Something like that: Example But in 3d space, help me pls, i spent about 4 days for solving it, but did not get result There are 2 points in space at arbitrary positions. I need a sinusoid between these two arbitrary points.

Why is my trapezoid rule implementation not producing expected results?

I have implemented a function to find the trapezoid rule of a given function, the function produces poor results for . When I try to calculate the trapezoid rule with n < 8 it produces a value much larger than the actual area, which is unexpected, I have graphed f(x) and drawn how I believe the first few numbers of

Rounding in Java using Math.random()

Suppose I write System.out.println (Math.random()*5); then one would obtain and output of x in [0, 4.9…]. But upon casting it as an integer, the result I continuously see (in my course) is [0, 4]. …