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Tag: hibernate

PostgreSQL’s JSONB data type with Hibernate: Error creating bean with name ‘entityManagerFactory’ defined in class path resource-Unable to load class

Now I learn about nested jsons and geojson and how to save them in PostgreSQL as JsonB directly in database and before starting. Inspiration source: Error I get when running the app: Here is the Main Entity: Here is the geojson(nested json) I want to save as Jsonb in a column in database: Here is the implementation of Usertype

WARN: HHH90000028: Support for “ is deprecated hibernate log

This is the complete log message: WARN: HHH90000028: Support for <hibernate-mappings/> is deprecated [RESOURCE : resources/hibernate-configs/hibernate-mappings/mappings.hbm.xml]; migrate to orm.xml or mapping.xml, or enable hibernate.transform_hbm_xml.enabled for on the fly transformation I’ve tried to look for solutions on the internet. However, articles regarding this log message are scarce. I found this github page which is part of hibernate: This part of

Exclude fields from Java object using Spring

I have two endpoint who use the same model class (Cars). For the searchBigList endpoint I would like to retrieve all car fields and for searchCarSmallList endpoint I would like to retrieve just 3 fields. I tried to do it with @JsonView annotation but it was not working for me. Anyone have better idea how to do it? Answer I

Hibernate: How to distinguish two uni-directional relationship and one bi-directional relationship?

in this answer, the author said: Take an example of two entities mapped without declaring a owning side: From a OO point of view this mapping defines not one bi-directional relation, but two separate uni-directional relations. 1.My first question is: Why it is not a bi-directional relation? Docs Oracle: In a bidirectional relationship, each entity has a relationship field or

DuplicateMappingException contains physical column name referred to by multiple logical column names on adding passportId to the Student entity

This code is causing the following exception on the startup I’m using H2 in-memory database. Student entity: Passport entity: Question 1: What is the reason for org.hibernate.DuplicateMappingException? Question 2: Why does adding the following annotation to passportId in the Student entity resolve the issue? PS: I know similar questions has been asked earlier but I couldn’t understand the answer for

Check if any value in list satisfies a condition

Suppose I have the following table called Seasons: … start_month end_month … 2 6 … 3 4 … … … I need to write a query which, for a given list of months, returns all the Seasons that satisfy the condition where at least 1 month in the list is: start_month <= month <= end_month. I’ve written this query as