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Tag: date

Parse String datetime with Zone with Java Date

I am trying to parse these dates in java.time and then get a String representation. I read this similar answer and I have created a method in order to parse the above dates and return a String with the desired format: However, none patterns are matched. What I am missing here? UPDATE: In both dates I get an exception for

Get Timestamp in specific format

I have a timestamp saved in Azure SQL Database in the format of 2004-09-23 10:52:00. When I fetch the value, I am using sqlrowset where I am using getString(“last_updated_user”) and getting output like this “2004-09-23 10:52:00.0”. When I tried using getTimeStamp(“last_updated_user”), I am getting in microseconds. Can someone help me on formatting it to “2004-09-23 10:52:00” based on some in-built

Getting the UTC timestamp in Java

An old Stack Overflow posting suggests that the way to get the UTC timestamp in Java is the following: Unfortunately this does not work for me. I have a very simple program (reproduced below) which demonstrates different behavior. On Windows: the time is the local time and it is labeled with the offset with GMT On Linux: the time is