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Java formatting GMT Date

I’m not finding a way to do edit GMT Date I receive “” one string in this format “yyyyMMdd”, so this is my flow: output: And I need it: Can someone help me? Answer A few important points: Thu Nov 17 21:00:00 GMT-03:00 2022 is not equal to Thu Nov 17 21:00:00 GMT-00:00 2022. The date-time of Thu Nov 17

Unable to parse date which is missing minutes?

I am trying to parse a date-time string that does not contain minutes 2019-10-12T07Z. When I run the above code, it throws the following exception stack trace Expected output Any idea what I should do? Answer You have to create custom DateTimeFormatter representing the time and offset. See that code run at 2019-10-12T07:00Z If you want to display the

Remaining days taking one date as a reference in Java

I have a variable of type LocalDateTime which has a date stored, for example 14/03/2020. I would like to know how I can get the days remaining to be again the 14th day of the month 3; in this case (from August 1, 2022), there are 225 days. I really have no idea how to get that value. Answer Determine

Date conversion format Java to DB different format

I’m making a code in java that executes an Oracle database procedure The format I have to put there in the procedure when I run through the database is dd/MM/yyyy. I have to send this date from my java code using a CallebleStatement setDate with the date yyyy-MM-dd (which is the Date format in java) When this CallebleStatement is executed,

Parse String datetime with Zone with Java Date

I am trying to parse these dates in java.time and then get a String representation. I read this similar answer and I have created a method in order to parse the above dates and return a String with the desired format: However, none patterns are matched. What I am missing here? UPDATE: In both dates I get an exception for

how to handle date comparison in Java during daylight saving?

Not to run code at 5:30 Morning in Summer and not to run code on 6:30 in winter. In Java Code, Applied following but now winter comes and we need not not run it at 6:30 AM How to handle this use case for daylight saving areas? Answer You can use TimeZone’s inDaylightTime() method to determine if day light saving

change offset without changing local time

I have a date that is in IST format. Which is something like the I have the following code for the above output startOfDay is just and extenstion function which is something like this But, what the backend really wants is in the below format with -8:00. Is there any way I can format it to have -08:00 in the

Store date in AEST timezone in database

We have two tables in oracle db as below, TableA => Column DateA (type DATE) TableB => Column DateB (type DATE) DateA column in TableA has dates stored in UTC. DateB column in TableB has dates stored in AEST. When I checked the code (its in java) where the dates are being stored in these tables, both are just instantiating