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Remaining days taking one date as a reference in Java

I have a variable of type LocalDateTime which has a date stored, for example 14/03/2020. I would like to know how I can get the days remaining to be again the 14th day of the month 3; in this case (from August 1, 2022), there are 225 days. I really have no idea how to get that value. Answer Determine

How to parse this date/time in Java/Kotlin?

I have this NMEA timestamp: 120722202122 and I want to parse it. I tried Playground but I get an Exception: I don’t know what the Exception wants to tell me or what my pattern should look like. Answer I assume you’ve probably meant the day of the month d, not the day of the year D. In your pattern, you’ve

how to handle date comparison in Java during daylight saving?

Not to run code at 5:30 Morning in Summer and not to run code on 6:30 in winter. In Java Code, Applied following but now winter comes and we need not not run it at 6:30 AM How to handle this use case for daylight saving areas? Answer You can use TimeZone’s inDaylightTime() method to determine if day light saving

change offset without changing local time

I have a date that is in IST format. Which is something like the I have the following code for the above output startOfDay is just and extenstion function which is something like this But, what the backend really wants is in the below format with -8:00. Is there any way I can format it to have -08:00 in the

Java Calendar clear() changes DST

First, I want to state that I know the Java Calendar class is being supplanted by other libraries that are arguably better. Perhaps I’ve stumbled upon one of the reasons Calendar has fallen out of favor. I ran into frustrating behavior in Calendar as it regards to the overlapping hour at the end of daylight savings time. Following along with

Java Instant.parse cannot validate date

I have an instant field and trying to validate the values in this field using the following approach: Instant.parse(“2021-09-29 09:35:07.531”) However, it throws the error: java.time.format.DateTimeParseException: Text ‘2021-09-29 09:35:07.531’ could not be parsed at index 10. So, how can I test if the given Instant date in String format is a valid Instant date? I am implementing an Import feature

Subtract number of days without impacting the time

I have the following piece of code. I’m trying to get the epoch value t for exactly 10 days ago, at the current time. But when I convert t back to a date/time using, the printed result’s time is not correct. What am I missing? Answer I suggest you use to get the current Date-Time in UTC and