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How to create a functioning program that acts like a calendar with methods that block multiple ranges of dates and return the available dates?

The following is what I was able to complete: For the setBlockDates() method: write a method to block multiple ranges of dates from the dateRange ArrayList. Here I should be able to enter multiple ranges to block, such as ([1,4], [8,11], [17,24]) For the getAvailableDates() method: write a method to return the available dates in the dateRange ArrayList created below.

Android date is incorrect

I am using Calendar class to get year, month and day: Today is 11 Dec 2021 (2021-12-11). But toast alert shows 2021-11-11. Also I tried to set calendar time to a new Date class but still wrong Answer tl;dr I am using Calendar class Don’t. Use only java.time classes. 2021 Details The Answer by Modi is correct. Furthermore, never use

Java Calendar clear() changes DST

First, I want to state that I know the Java Calendar class is being supplanted by other libraries that are arguably better. Perhaps I’ve stumbled upon one of the reasons Calendar has fallen out of favor. I ran into frustrating behavior in Calendar as it regards to the overlapping hour at the end of daylight savings time. Following along with

Ethiopian calendar in Android

I am developing an Android app for an Ethiopian company and have to deal with dates. The calendar used in Ethiopia is similar to the Gregorian one but has two main differences: it’s set approx. 7 years earlier and has 13 months. At the time I post this question the date is 13-09-2021 in the Gregorian calendar and 03-01-2014 in