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Tag: android-studio

Why is my app Crashing with RecyclerView?

I’m doing a recycler method in my android studio project but i have a problem. Everytime i’m trying to findViewById my application is crashing. And i don’t understand why because i’m creating my view in the good way. And i’m trying to continue with that But i’m crashing at the line recyView = view.findViewById(;. My is not empty. And

near “”: syntax error in SQL with android studio

I’m working on a SQL databse on java (android studio project) but i have a weird mistake. Basically, everytime i have I have tried like this My DBS is And i really don’t see where is the mistake. Because they’re saying “syntax error”, but for me, it’s look pretty OKAY. Anyone have a clue ? I’m just trying to insert

Why cant I initialize the Webview

im just starting out with android studio, i have imported WebKit but those imports are grayed. and i cant initialize the webview “private WebView webview” shows errors how to do it correctly? Answer I was using kotlin instead of java that was the issue (beginner mistake lol) my issue was that i couldn’t initialize the webview on my code. but

Type com.example.myhouse.MainActivity is defined multiple times

Error while compiling the code. Type com.example.myhouse.MainActivity is defined multiple times: C:UsersHPAndroidStudioProjectsmyHouseappbuildtmpkotlin-classesdebugcomexamplemyhouseMainActivity.class, C:UsersHPAndroidStudioProjectsmyHouseappbuildintermediatesjavacdebugclassescomexamplemyhouseMainActivity.class Gradle file Answer Just delete build folder of appmodule and Rebuild the project! or Try to invalidate cache and restart This will fix the issue!.