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Tag: android-fragments

BottomSheetDialogFragment behaviour disorder when added nested fragment in Android

I’ve a BottomSheetDialogFragment inside a RecyclerView, when is clicked a button BottomSheet is showing. BottomSheetDialog expanding when scrolling down and collapsing when scroll finished on top normally. But when I place the RecyclerView inside a fragment and lay the fragment to BottomSheetDialog; BottomSheet behaviours not working on the fragment, only works RecyclerView scrolling. On the other hand the behaviours work

Android NavigationDrawer and Toolbar in all fragments, plus TabLayout into one

I would like to create an Android app that uses a navigation drawer which loads different fragments, all of which include a toolbar/appbar and one that also has a TabView with ViewPager2, something like this: So I started a new Java project with Android Studio and chose the Navigation Drawer Activity template that creates 3 different fragments. This is my

Working on Android Music Player Project, and ran into the issue where my app crashes on start up:

I am trying to add a player using Sliding Up Panel but the app crashes on startup. If you want to see my full code; activity_main.xml Here there is no issue on SongsFragment, ArtistFragment and AlbumFragment files, because I have run this application before adding the sliding up panel and that was successfully run but after adding

Why my bookmarked words doesn’t saved to sqlite database if i want to add them from another fragment?

The main problem is that when i add bookmark codes from direct recyclerview it works perfectly fine but when i add those codes to another fragment it just only show a toast that bookmark is added or deleted but that bookmarked word doesn’t show in favorite list. Here is my Database codes My RecyclerView codes My Detalis Fragment codes My