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Android NavigationDrawer and Toolbar in all fragments, plus TabLayout into one

I would like to create an Android app that uses a navigation drawer which loads different fragments, all of which include a toolbar/appbar and one that also has a TabView with ViewPager2, something like this: So I started a new Java project with Android Studio and chose the Navigation Drawer Activity template that creates 3 different fragments. This is my

my intent in navigation drawer is not working

When I tap on any item of in navigation drawer ,instead of going to new activity , the drawer toggles. MainActivity : this is my mainActiviy.xml code where i have usedNavigation View I have checked my code many times but not able to find the mistake…it would be great help if someone helps me in this Thanks in advance. Answer

Android: Navigation Drawer vertical shadow

I have implemented a NavigationDrawer in my application. I would like to know how I can add a vertical shadow effect which is below the main Fragment, similar to the picture below. I have one image on my drawable with the shadow image. It’s called “drawer_shadow.9” but I don’t know how I can implement this inside my NavigationDrawer. Answer You