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Tag: swing

Change the mouse cursor when shift key is pressed

I have a subclass PointPanel of JPanel, where I want to implement the following behavior: If the mouse hovers the instance and the shift key is pressed, the mouse cursor changes to the hand cursor; if the shift key is released, the mouse cursor changes back to the default cursor. In order to achieve this, I tried to add a

Loading images/files inside jar

There are already heaps of answers to this problem. I have also tried a lot of them. I have not found a solution yet. I load some images within my project (Swing – ImageIcons). In the run dialog all of them are also displayed in my GUI. But after compiling the program can’t be started at all. The error messages

Mirroring an Image in Java

Background info: I’ve made a program that uploads an image using JFileChooser and fills in the space of the JFrame. I then apply filters via buttons. Currently 3 of my 4 filters work, or all except my mirror one. It randomly (or I guess not so randomly as there’s always a reason, I just don’t know what I did) worked