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Tag: swing

Making a JPanel manually resizable

I have a JFrame with BorderLayout as the layout manager. In the south border, I have a JPanel, I want this JPanel’s size to be adjustable by the user, i.e. the user can click on the edge of the border and drag it up to make it larger. Is there any way you know that I can do this? Answer

How to display X-Bar statistics symbol in Java Swing label?

What’s the best way to insert statistics symbols in a JLabel’s text? For example, the x-bar? I tried assigning the text field the following with no success: Answer Html codes will not work in Java. However, you can use the unicode escape in Java Strings. For example: Also, here is a cool website for taking Unicode text and turning it

Display Hibernate Query in JTable

I’m seeking an efficient way to display an SQL table queried via Hibernate in a JTable. It would probably be preferable to use the List returned by that (In this case, that would make a list of Files objects (where Files is an internal class, not, but I won’t be picky as long as it is neat. I have

Java get JPanel Components

I have a JPanel full of JTextFields… How do I later get the JTextFields in that JPanel? Like if I want their values with Thanks Answer Well bear in mind they didn’t get there by them selves ( I think a read some questions about dynamically creating these panels at runtime ) In the answers posted there, someone said you