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Tag: jpanel

Buttons not visible until mouseover

I created a frame and panel (for Graphics) and add buttons to the panel. However, when I run my program buttons are not visible until I hover over them. Maybe it is something wrong with graphics methods. How the problem can be solved? Answer Your painting code is mostly wrong. For example: If you need to override paint() then the

Buttons not showing up in JPanel

I’m having a ton of trouble figuring out why the buttons in this won’t show? They were showing up earlier today when I test ran the program but now I’ve been stuck for 2 hours trying to get the buttons to show up again. It’s also really weird because the panel is definitely showing up because the phrase “Welcome to

How to make all images in Grid Overlay flush?

I am trying to implement a GUI for a maze-based game I created that meets the following specific conditions: The GUI itself has a set size and is not resizable (line 41) . The master panel (line 57) that contains all the maze images is scrollable. All maze image components are flush with each other. If maze is small enough,

Adding JavaFX PieChart in JPanel

I want to add a Pie chart inside a JPanel. I have gone through this and this. But it didnt helped me. I tried this code in the debugger but it is not getting pass line X. Somehow setScene function is not working and pie chart is not visible in the panel. Here’s my code: I am not sure why

Ending a timer using keyadapters?

So, I am creating this reaction time game that shows a blue ball and once you see that blue ball, you press up arrow key to get your reaction time once it turned blue. However, I am having trouble in creating a timer. I want the timer to start once the ball actually turns blue and want that timer to