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Unable to receive data out of api call with webclient

So I’m trying to get my head around the webclient, but I keep getting a nullpointerexception, though my test work fine and say that object is not null. I also see my console making connection to the api. But when I ask the value, I get null. Here are the two objects I use for it: and then here I

Trying to reverse my stream in ascending order – Java 8

This idea behind this code is that it reads the data from three .csv files w/ keys organized by year, and retrieves the sum of the data by year, as well as the minimum and maximum number for each year. The problem is, when print it returns the yearly results in descending order. I need help figuring out a way

The application “Eclipse” can’t be opened. (macOS Monterey)

I downloaded Eclipse on my Mac for school, following these instructions: In your browser, go to Eclipse Downloads. Do not use the Eclipse Installer. Instead follow these steps to download and install Eclipse. Find the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers package (make sure you do not pick the wrong package) and click on the appropriate download link for your operating

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers 2021-06 Cannot find class paths for jars

I have built a new machine and installed a fresh version of eclipse (Eclipse IDE for Java Developers 2021-06). If I run an old project it works. If I make a new project I the following error. Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/crl/CRLibs/DBI at EnvList.( Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: net.crl.CRLibs.DBI There are no errors in the code. The build path looks