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How to run helloWorld using Maven californium – Java

I am new to Java environment, I’m trying to run a Coap server using Californium I cloned the git repo. then ran mvn clean install in the repo folder. I now want to run the hello world demo in californium/demo-apps/cf-helloworld-server/ what is the next step? I opened the folder cd demo-apps/cf-helloworld-server then ran mvn clean install mvn compile it

Building JavaFX Projects with JDK 11.0.2 and Eclipse?

I’ve spent too much time trying to find how to do this with. Tips for setting up a dev environment are what I am asking for, however I will start with what I tried so far. As I understand JavaFX was separated from the JDK after JDK 8, however, for an R&D project, I need to create JavaFX applications that

Unable to receive data out of api call with webclient

So I’m trying to get my head around the webclient, but I keep getting a nullpointerexception, though my test work fine and say that object is not null. I also see my console making connection to the api. But when I ask the value, I get null. Here are the two objects I use for it: and then here I

How to deal with warning ‘unsafe null type convertion’ when using java.lang.Optional

I would like to offer some accessors to a value-container (that is a java.lang.Map under the hood). When implementing accessors like this … ‘ofNullable’ is marked with ‘unsafe null type convertion’. Why is this? The parameter ofNullable is not marked as @NonNull. Is it, because empty() or of() is used and of() is checking for NonNull? Is this a Eclipse-bug,

Variable returns null

In my project ,I need to pass the “price” value which is retrieved from the database in “” to “display.jsp”.I have achieved it, but the problem is…. I also need to pass the “price” value from “display.jsp” to “seat.jsp”. When I tried, it returns null value for the price variable. display.jsp seat.jsp How can I achieve this? Kindly answer

Why is my saved file not being used in game when I run it?

I am currently developing a simple 2D game that is like Minecraft in Eclipse Java. One of the features I am currently trying to debug is saving a generated 2D noise map into a source folder separate from the root folder called resources and then using that same file that was saved to generate the map that will be displayed