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Parsing multiple JSON objects that exist in one line in Java

I’m currently using the OMDB API, which can either return get-queries as JSON objects or XML. Working with JSON is something I’d like to learn, and it generally seems like best solution for what I’m trying to do. The implementation I’m hoping for, is to allow the user to search for a movie, and select the correct one from a

How to get versions of a certain project via verison bundle

Since youtrack updated their api many requests have changed, so changed the version bundle request that i used usind previous api, it was quite easy to get versions of project with: new request should look something like this: but is seems like i cannot use /%versionName% anymoe so the only way i can get a bundle for certain project is

Why spring validator is not working in this Api?

I have written a basic simple API of students data and added few validations using Hibernate validator but everytime its returning 0 errors. Here’s the code: pom.xml I am testing it using postman,My request body: In every request,even if name is empty Its returning 0 errors. Can someone help? Thanks in advance. Answer you need to add starter