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Tag: apache-kafka

Spring Cloud Stream send/consume message to different partitions with KafkaHeaders.Message_KEY

I set 2 different message keys for 2 partitions . This is my application.yml for producer application To test parallelism, I created a consumer application that reads messages from pf-topic. This is configuration from consumer application. . I created a function in consumer application to consume messages Now it is time for testing. To test parallelism, I run 2 instances

Spring Kafka multiple topic for one class dynamically

I recently wanted to add a new behavior in my project that uses spring-kafka. The idea is really simple : App1 create a new scenario name “SCENARIO_1” and publish this string in the topic “NEW_SCENARIO” App1 publish some message on topic “APP2-SCENARIO_1” and “APP3-SCENARIO_1” App2 (group-id=app2) listens on NEW_SCENARIO and creates a new consumer<Object,String> listening on a new topic “APP2-SCENARIO_1”

Quarkus exception Loading KafkaConsumerRebalanceListener

Having this Listener KafkaConsumerRebalanceListener class When I add into my file And adding this dependency into another class I’m having this exception when I run the service Any idea what’s wrong? Regards Answer You have to use same @Identifier(“responses”) near your injection point. It’s because @Identifier have @Qualifier over it.

Spring Boot Kafka StreamsConfig or ConsumerConfig from application.yaml not applying

I have a very simple spring boot project with a KTable and I want to customize my configuration in application.yml, but the config seems to not be applied. This is my configuration file application.yml However, when starting the application the log outputs the following: ConsumerConfig: Below is the simple application class I’m using: The values from my application.yml seems to

Batch consumer camel kafka

I am unable to read in batch with the kafka camel consumer, despite following an example posted here. Are there changes I need to make to my producer, or is the problem most likely with my consumer configuration? The application in question utilizes the kafka camel component to ingest messages from a rest endpoint, validate them, and place them on