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Is Spring Integration a good framework to implement the Transactional Outbox pattern? [closed]

Closed. This question is opinion-based. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it can be answered with facts and citations by editing this post. Closed 9 months ago. Improve this question I’m implementing Transactional Outbox pattern using Java. The Message Relay Service will poll the Outbox table for entries, and after an

Spring Integration with Kafka throwing ClassCastException

I have a case where i want to publish message from Kafka Producer, My message is just a POJO object e.g CreateRequest. So for consuming I have added below code Also,I have added setMessageConverter and setPayloadType to get response of type CreateResponse but still i am getting response of type KafkaMessageSource which is throwing java.lang.ClassCastException cannot cast KafkaMessageSource to type

Converting java object to xml

How can i convert java object to xml? I am trying to convert an incoming java object to xml in spring integration with a converter bean. is there another way than marshalling in Jaxb ? like using @TypeConverter. Or implementing converter class. Answer I’m not familiar with @TypeConverter, but looks that that is an EclipseLink feature for JPA. In the

How To Stop Polling InboundChannelAdapter

Im polling files from 2 different directories in 1 server using RotatingServerAdvice and that´s working fine, the problem is that I can´t stop polling once time I start the inboundtest.start (). The main idea is retrive all the files in those directories, and then send inboundtest.stop (), this is the code. Allways is waiting for a new file in one

How can I create http inbound channel adapter with JAVA config in Spring integration?

I have the following http inbound channel adapter. How can I do this configuration with Java Config or Spring DSL? Answer See Spring Integration Reference Manual: Java DSL at all: HTTP Module specifics: Your particular sample could be translated to this IntegrationFlow: Instead of … you can add integration endpoints to build your logic for processing those requests.

Strange error with WebFlux and Spring-Integration – IndexOutOfBoundsException exceeds maxCapacity

I am in the process of writing a spring-integration flow that is intended to enrich the headers of a message based on the determination if a remote resource actually exists. Assuming that there is a RESTful endpoint that has an API on it that will locate an object based on a unique name: /mix-entity/name/{mixEntityName}. This API will return a JSON

Spring Integration file only once from SFTP across several sessions

I have a Spring Integration WorkFlow which downloads files from a SFTP directory. This is done with a RemoteFileInboundChannelAdapterSpec and IntegrationFlows. Spring Integration remembers within a session which files it has already downloaded, can I do this across sessions e.g. through a database and if so how? Answer It is done not within the session, but by some specific FileListFilter

Spring Integration: how to configure ObjectToJsonTransformer to add json__TypeId__ with class name instead of canonical name

I am trying to serialize a message (then deserialize it) and I do not want any of the headers json__TypeId__ or json_resolvableType to contain the canonical name of the class. This is because I am sending the message over the network and I consider including the canonical name in the header a security concern. Here is just the relevant parts