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Tag: spring-integration

How To Stop Polling InboundChannelAdapter

Im polling files from 2 different directories in 1 server using RotatingServerAdvice and that´s working fine, the problem is that I can´t stop polling once time I start the inboundtest.start (). The main idea is retrive all the files in those directories, and then send inboundtest.stop (), this is the code. Allways is waiting for a new file in one

How can I create http inbound channel adapter with JAVA config in Spring integration?

I have the following http inbound channel adapter. How can I do this configuration with Java Config or Spring DSL? Answer See Spring Integration Reference Manual: Java DSL at all: HTTP Module specifics: Your particular sample could be translated to this IntegrationFlow: Instead of … you can add integration endpoints to build your logic for processing those requests.

Spring Integration file only once from SFTP across several sessions

I have a Spring Integration WorkFlow which downloads files from a SFTP directory. This is done with a RemoteFileInboundChannelAdapterSpec and IntegrationFlows. Spring Integration remembers within a session which files it has already downloaded, can I do this across sessions e.g. through a database and if so how? Answer It is done not within the session, but by some specific FileListFilter