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Tag: spring-kafka

Spring Kafka multiple topic for one class dynamically

I recently wanted to add a new behavior in my project that uses spring-kafka. The idea is really simple : App1 create a new scenario name “SCENARIO_1” and publish this string in the topic “NEW_SCENARIO” App1 publish some message on topic “APP2-SCENARIO_1” and “APP3-SCENARIO_1” App2 (group-id=app2) listens on NEW_SCENARIO and creates a new consumer<Object,String> listening on a new topic “APP2-SCENARIO_1”

Use batch mode for dynamic listener

I am using a dynamic message listener. An example is shown below. I want to convert this to a batch listener (consume multiple messages at once). Is there a way to convert this, so that the listener consumes a list of consumer records? I am using spring-kafka with spring-boot. Thanks in advance Answer Implement BatchAcknowledgingConsumerAwareMessageListener instead.

Strategy to choose when doing Serialization and Deserialization using spring-kafka library

I need to Serialize or Deserialize any type of Java Object may be Integer/ String or <T> or User or Account in my project. There might be more than 1 type I am not sure which one to use while configuring a Kafka Producer and Consumer. There are JsonSerializer and JsonDeserializer and StringSerializer/DESer and many more types. I have read