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Tag: unit-testing

Difference between List and ActionSequence in jqwik

What exactly is the difference in between List<Action> and ActionSequence in jqwik. In the doc of jqwik, ActionSequence is created using Arbitraries.sequences(…) and the List<Action> is created using Arbitraries.oneOf().list() Since the purpose of ActionSequence and List<Action> is to provide a combination of actions to run after each other. Please guide me. Thanks 🙂 Answer Always use ActionSequence if you want

How to run mock server tests in isolation?

I have these two mock server tests. When I launch these, the second test fail because the two tests are not launched in isolation. The mocking of the HTTP call in the first method isn’t override in the second method. Is there a Mock Server property or a JUnit property to run these two tests in isolation ? Answer At

How to unit test methods together with its constraint validators (which some should be mocked out)?

My app has a service layer which is composed by CDI applications scoped beans: When a method gets called, an interceptor (in my case BValInterceptor.class from Apache BVal) checks if the method contract is respected by checking the annotations and validating the parameters accordingly. As you can see, there are some custom constraints like @SectionExists, @PostExists that may hit the

No runnable method in JUnit test Suites (Initialization error)

I am trying to implement JUnit TestSuites with my 3 Test Classes and run them at the same time. But when ever I run that test suite it gives me error as Initialization Error with “No runnable method found.” This is my test Suite class named as This is JUnitTesting_AddPatientPage.class This is my JUnitTesting_DentalCategoryPage.class This is my JUnitTesting_LoginPage After