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Tag: cucumber

Cucumber feature file isn’t bound to glue path

I am trying to set up a simple Cucumber project to run with Selenium (The Selenium bits are irrelevant so I removed them). The structure is as follows: sayHiTest.feature: Trying to run testRunner yields the following error: For some reason, it doesn’t see automated.SayHiTestStepdefs (It prints the same error if I changed its name to say, abc.SayHiTestStepdefs). I

Java cucumber Selenium : NullPointerException for scenario.write for the first scenario on before tag

I am getting the NullPointerException when the code below code is executed. Note that the exception is recieved only for the first cucumber scenario executed. There is no exception for the second scenario. I am actually trying to insert the timestamp before start of each scenario. Please advise how this issue can be fixed. Any help will be appreciated. I

Can’t run testng.xml in Cucumber-Maven(TestNG)

In eclipse IDE, I have created a basic cucumber framework by using Maven project. I have added all the dependencies required in pom.xml.For TestNG plugin added below dependencies. But ‘TestNG Suite’ option was not coming in preferences,so installed TestNG through Help->Install New Software. Framework is having feature file(scenario is described),stepdefinitions(code/logic given) and runner class(To map feature with stepdefinitions file and

Cucumber feature file does not identify the steps

I have written my firsy cucumber feature file. When I run the feature file as Cucumber Feature, I get below errors “WARNING: Cucumber-JVM’s –format option is deprecated. Please use –plugin instead.” – I used “plugin” in my @CucumberOptions of runner class, but still getting the same error 2.It says I do not have any scenario and steps Feature: Validate Modular