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Tag: cucumber

REST. Checking the type of incoming field

how can I check the field type of the incoming response to the REST request. For example, I receive an answer with the “pay” field:”1000″ I want to check that the incoming field, its value is of type int What verification methods are there? Answer You can use Rest Assured Say you have this endpoint: that returns: Then your

test framework quit unexpected, Cucumber tests Kotlin intellij

I am trying to run test cases in cucumber for testing a mobile application using IntelliJ. The project code is in kotlin and I am using appium server to run the test case on android emulator. The test cases were working fine but after taking last pull request from project repository on github, the test cases are not running Cannot

Error Meta-data: {“dataFile”:”resources/env1/data.json”}@scenarios/jsonformfiller.feature#5 TestStep implementation not found

Error Meta-data: {“dataFile”:”resources/env1/data.json”,”description”:”Data driven test that uses enter code herejson file to provide data”}@scenarios/jsonformfiller.feature#5 TestStep implementation not found. Please provide implementation or ensure ‘step.provider.pkg’ property value includes appropriate package. Step Definition Could not include the whole step definitons code here stack overflow warning me that i added too much code Step Definition – all feature file test steps are defined