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Tag: testing

How do I write a test for a service that uses other services in Springboot?

I have a BookManagementService that uses the @Autowired implementation of three other services, like so So how do I mock the aforementioned services and their repo in the BookManagementServiceTest? When the test start running and it gets to the yearService layer, it throws a NullPointerEXception cause the year it receives is null The BookManagementServiceTest Answer You just have to mock

How to make an integration test with one transaction for all database calls and rollback it afterwards?

I’m, writing an integration test, annotated with @SpringBootTest. Suppose I create some product using pure SQL from my test, call calculation service that do some calculations based on it, and it calls another service to save those calculation results in different tables. What I need is to rollback all the changes made after test is finished. I read different questions,

How to test Service method with ModelMapper call

I’m writing some Unit Tests for my Service class, specifically, an update method that does exactly that, update an Entity with the given data from a request. The problem is, I’m using ModelMapper to map the request data to the entity and when the test goes through the mapping statement it doesn’t actually call the modelMapper but the mock ….

How to re run suite without using listener in testng

I had a requirement to re-run a complete suite from the TestNG test method itself if any of the test-case from the suite failed. Is there any way to call complete suite using an XML file or Test class within the Test method? The complete suite should re-run the after-class method or teardown test-case or last test-case @AfterClass or @AfterMethod