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My plugin in jmeter throws java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:

I have plugin in JMeter, which throws java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: when I want to run plugin. Im pretty sure, that ChromeOptions.set binary method is on my classpath, maybe some library discrepancy. My build.xml : My code: Can someone give me a point how to solve this issue? Thank you Answer Your “plugin” depends on selenium-java 3.5.3, you need to make sure

Creating a New JMeter Test Purely in Java for Java Sampler

I’ve created a JMeter Java request and copied the jar to ext directory (apache-jmeter-3.1libext). I’m trying to run the test on a remote machine. From the GUI I’m able to configure and run the Java request. Also able to invoke the test via Java code using the JMX file as below. Now I want to creating a New JMeter Test