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Tag: mockito

Mockito when() in parallel stream unexpected result

I was investigating Mockito’s behavior in one of our tests and I didn’t understand its behavior. The following code snippets shows the same behavior : The output I was expecting is prints of 1,2,3 in some order (not nessaseraly sorted) : The output I received : Why I got this output ? Answer This is a classic race condition: your

How to mock factory method in service test with mockito

Hi I am trying to test service layer. I have already wrote tests for ConverterFactory. I think I need the mock dependency classes which ConverterServiceImpl using but Still I got NullPointerException This is my service class And this is the test This code throws error says. What am i doing wrong here?: Answer You don’t need to create a ConverterFactory

Mockito testing method void

I have a method called calculate after which the result is printed, whatever, i need to make a test on which i see if the value of condition was changed to “no need” or it remained “first”, how can i check this using mockito testing? I tried so far, but i did not succeed. A good theoretical answer would be

Mockito How to mock and assert a thrown exception

I have this junit: but I have this error: I also tried: Answer The problem is that you are stubbing, but not really testing anything. And if you are not testing anything, then there is no need for stubbing. That’s why you have unnecessary Mockito stubbings. I assume that you want to test your SecurityManagerService. If you want to do

How to mock a method call in a constructor?

I have class class1, which has 2 member variables: I want to test the method fun, so I will have to write a test-class and a test method for that. But, how do I mock the method call config.getEnablingStatus(), while creating an object of type classA in the test class? I am thinking of doing something like this [see the

Testing a Spring ControllerMethod using Mockito which alters an entry in the db with NullPOinterException

Im currently Testing my Controller methods. In one Method I add a Reisepunkt(travelpoint) to a Reise(travel), which is already saved inside a database. Using the generated-request.http API I can use the method to make entrys into the db. Now i wanted to write a test method just so I can get the hang of it. I always get a NullPointerException