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Tag: mockito

How to mock a method call in a constructor?

I have class class1, which has 2 member variables: I want to test the method fun, so I will have to write a test-class and a test method for that. But, how do I mock the method call config.getEnablingStatus(), while creating an object of type classA in the test class? I am thinking of doing something like this [see the

Testing a Spring ControllerMethod using Mockito which alters an entry in the db with NullPOinterException

Im currently Testing my Controller methods. In one Method I add a Reisepunkt(travelpoint) to a Reise(travel), which is already saved inside a database. Using the generated-request.http API I can use the method to make entrys into the db. Now i wanted to write a test method just so I can get the hang of it. I always get a NullPointerException

Spring Mockito @BeforeAll mocking logic works on 1 test only

I have a problem with understanding why the logic mocked inside @BeforeAll works, but only for the first test. They work fine separately, copying the identical logic to both tests will produce the same result – 1 passed, 1 failed. What happens: in AboutUsService.update() on the first line appears the mistake at pageRepository.getByName(ABOUT_US_PAGE).orElseThrow(null); For the first test, the calling of

MockitoException when trying to mock java.lang.System

I have a test case that mock a static method of java.lang.System class: But when I run the test, I got this error: org.mockito.exceptions.base.MockitoException: It is not possible to mock static methods of java.lang.System to avoid interfering with class loading what leads to infinite loops Why does this happen? How can I mock methods of java.lang.System class? Answer While Mockito