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How do I write a test for a service that uses other services in Springboot?

I have a BookManagementService that uses the @Autowired implementation of three other services, like so

public class BookManagementService {

    private final BookRepo repo;
    private final BookItemRepo itemRepo;
    private final BookEditionRepo editionRepo;
    // the below services are the ones I want to mock in the test.
    @Autowired AuthorService authorService;
    @Autowired YearService yearService;
    @Autowired GenreService genreService;

    static String position = "1000";

    public BookManagementService(BookRepo repo, BookItemRepo itemRepo, BookEditionRepo editionRepo,
    YearService yearService) {
        this.repo = repo;
        this.itemRepo = itemRepo;
        this.editionRepo = editionRepo;
    // Rest of the methods that perform the business logic.

So how do I mock the aforementioned services and their repo in the BookManagementServiceTest? When the test start running and it gets to the yearService layer, it throws a NullPointerEXception cause the year it receives is null The BookManagementServiceTest

class BookManagementServiceTest {

    // Injects the needed services
    @InjectMocks private BookManagementService service;
    @InjectMocks private YearService yearService;
    @InjectMocks private GenreService genreService;
    @InjectMocks private AuthorService authorService;

    // Mock the needed repos
    @Mock private BookItemRepo repoItem;
    @Mock private BookEditionRepo repoEdition;
    @Mock private BookRepo repo;
    // External repo
    @Mock private BookYearRepo yearRepo;
    @Mock private GenreRepo genreRepo;
    @Mock private AuthorRepo authorRepo;

    void setUp() {
        // instantiate the injected services
        service = new BookManagementService(repo, repoItem, repoEdition, yearService);
        yearService = new YearService(yearRepo);
        genreService = new GenreService(genreRepo);
        authorService = new AuthorService(authorRepo);
       // setting the needed variables

       // calling when.thenReturn for all the repos like I would in a normal single class test.

        lenient().when(yearService.create("2006", edition)).thenReturn(year);

    // Tests



You just have to mock all the related services aswell.

Take this as an example, imagine you want to test an ItemService class, that has ItemRepositoy and AuthService autowired.

public class ItemService {

    private ItemRepository itemRepository;

    private AuthService authService;

    public Item fetchItem() {
        return new Item(1, "name", 10, 100);

    public List<Item> fetchItems() {
        List<Item> items = itemRepository.findAll();
        Boolean isValidItems = authService.checkItems();
        if (isValidItems) items.forEach((item) -> item.setValue(item.getPrice() * item.getQuantity()));
        return items;

public class Item {

    @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY)
    private Integer id;

    private String name;
    private Integer price;
    private Integer quantity;

    // getters, setters and constructors...

public class AuthService {

    public Boolean checkItems() {
        return true;

public interface ItemRepository extends JpaRepository<Item, Integer> {

public class ItemServiceTest {

    private ItemService itemServiceMock;

    private ItemRepository itemRepositoryMock;

    private AuthService authServiceMock;

    public void fetchItems_basic() {
        // arrange
        List<Item> items = Arrays.asList(new Item(1, "first", 10, 100), new Item(2, "second", 20, 200));
        Integer expectedResultFirst = 1000;
        Integer expectedResultSecond = 4000;

        // act
        List<Item> actualResult = itemServiceMock.fetchItems();

        // assert
        assertEquals(expectedResultFirst, actualResult.get(0).getValue());
        assertEquals(expectedResultSecond, actualResult.get(1).getValue());


If you don’t mock the autowired classes and set the when().thenReturn() as you expect you will always get a NullPointException.

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