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Tag: amazon-s3

How to save/zip binary/octet-stream s3 content to zip

I am trying to add s3 bucket files into a zip. The files in the s3 bucket are in binary/octet-stream format. When I run the below method The IO Exception below is thrown when executing IOUtils.copy method “exception”: “Premature end of Content-Length delimited message body (expected: 206,034; received: 0)” Any suggestions on how I can handle this or what am

Uploading files to S3 in Multithreading

I’m uploading files to s3 using the s3 AWS client in my spring application, but sometimes I’m getting the error, So as a solution to this I used the following approach and it worked for now. I have created this as a Spring Bean. But I am using this in a multithreading environment. So there will many concurrent requests at