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Tag: amazon-s3

Newest version Postman creating different signature for AWS access compared to my java algorithm

So I’ve created the java algorithm for AWS signature creation, following the guidelines of AWS > The algorithm is available on my github > These are the steps that I take: retrieve secret key, access key and token from AWS account create call on Postman (for Linux) v8.12.5, by using AWS Signature auth the call goes OK. I retrieve the

AmazonsS3Client throws UnknownHostException if attempting to connect to a local service (MinIO)

In Short: Using AmazonS3Client to connect to a local instance of MinIO results in a UnknownHostException thrown because the url is resolved to http://{bucket_name}.localhost:port. Detailed description of the problem: I’m creating an integration test for a Java service that uses AmazonS3Client lib to retrieve content from S3. I’m using MinIO inside a test container to perform the role of Amazon

It is possible to Stream data from beam (Scio) to an S3 bucket?

Currently, I’m working on a project which extracts data from a BigQuery table using Scio in Scala. I’m able to extract and ingest the data into ElasticSearch, but I’m trying to do the same but using an S3 bucket as storage. Certainly, I’m able to write the data into a txt file using the method saveAsTextFile, and then upload it

Missing data in response body

I have a web service(FastAPI) deployed on AWS EC2. In java client code, when I call the api, i got this error In postman, when I call this api, the response is returned but not enough like this image Seem the server (Fast API web service) do not return all data in response body. I already check this question, the

Error while uploading to S3 from Hadoop using s3a

I am running a java application on kubernetes which upload multiple files from local container to s3 bucket using s3a, but I am getting the below exception in logs and files are not getting uploaded to s3. Partial files are getting uploaded to s3 Answer Looks like this is a bug. problems caused by AWS SDK classes from the localstack-utils-fat.jar

How to save/zip binary/octet-stream s3 content to zip

I am trying to add s3 bucket files into a zip. The files in the s3 bucket are in binary/octet-stream format. When I run the below method The IO Exception below is thrown when executing IOUtils.copy method “exception”: “Premature end of Content-Length delimited message body (expected: 206,034; received: 0)” Any suggestions on how I can handle this or what am