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Java Lambda for spring-cloud version to 3.2.3/3.1.7 org/springframework/boot/ApplicationContextFactory: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

I’m trying change version for spring-cloud-function-adapter-aws from 3.0.7.RELEASE to either 3.1.7 or 3.2.3 (as Spring Cloud Function Vulnerability CVE-2022-22963) but getting error as it is not able to find the class java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/spring framework/boot/ApplicationContextFactory at at at at at Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: My @SpringBootApplication public class Application { } @Configuration public class FunctionConfiguration

How to add a Servlet filter in Vert.x REST API?

I have a REST API which was created purely using Vert.x, I would like to instrument it for AWS X-RAY and in order to do that I need to add a servlet filter. I’m creating a webserver like this: In the documentation for AWS X-RAY they’ve only mentioned Tomcat ( Would adding filters using web.xml work for this as well

Missing data in response body

I have a web service(FastAPI) deployed on AWS EC2. In java client code, when I call the api, i got this error In postman, when I call this api, the response is returned but not enough like this image Seem the server (Fast API web service) do not return all data in response body. I already check this question, the

SelfMutate stage failing with CodePipeline

I’m trying to create a CI/CD using CDK pipeline with the import in Java. This pipeline creates another stack named xxxJavaxxxStack. The pipeline is able to connect to external github, which, when change is detected, triggers the pipeline. In the class I’m calling both the stacks xxxJavaxxxStack and xxxPipelinexxxStack. I have successfully been able to cdk synth both

Quarkus JWT Returning Unauthorized on deployment

I have a Quarkus project that expose some REST Endpoints. When working on dev mode or running from the local build docker container all work fine, those endpoints annotated with @RolesAllowed and @PermitAll work as supposed to be. But when I deploy to a AWS service with the following steps: Commit to Gitlab Run Gitlab CICD Send result with the

Query DynamoDb Global Secondary Index

i am trying out dynamodb locally and got the following table: I want to query it with Java like this: But it throws a Exception with “QUery Key Condition not supported”. I dont understand this, because in the docs, the “<” operator is described as regular operation. Can anybody help me Answer DDB Query() requires a key condition that includes

Get the Tags detail of AWS IAM user

I want to get the tags information of AWS IAM users using rest service or AWS Java SDK. I am not able to find any AWS SDK example or class to get the IAM user tag information. Below is the example how I am getting list of users but I want to pull their tags detail also AmazonIdentityManagement iam= AmazonIdentityManagementClientBuilder.standard().withCredentials(awCreds).withRegion(Regions.US_EAST_1).build();