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Unable to connect to tomcat 9 for remote debugging via eclipse

My spring web app is deployed on a different machine with below env: window machine apache-tomcat-9.0.67 jdk-13.0.2 I tried to remote connect it via eclipse by adding below command in startup.bat or catalina.bat and then running The server in the console is showing that the “Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 8000” But when i try to connect with the

How to add health endpoint in Apache Tomcat 9?

I am using Apache Tomcat 9 server as a Maven dependency in my project. It is working fine and now I need to add a health endpoint so that it will return 200 OK if everything is running fine. I came to know about HealthCheckValve ( option in Tomcat 9 which is helpful. But I am not been able to

Container Fails to Start: Insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue

We have an enterprise application running on Java 8. The deployment environment is built & updated through Bitbucket pipelines. I have a graphic showing the high-level architecture of the environment. We have two app servers running identical configurations apart from some application specific environment variables. It was all working well until a week ago when after a successful pipeline run,

Measure memory consumption with all HttpSessions in Tomcat at an arbitrary point in time

I want to measure the percentage of memory used by HttpSession in a web application. Is there any way to measure memory consumption with all HttpSessions in a running Tomcat instance at an arbitrary point in time without modifying the application? What I have tried In Tomcat, the concrete class of HttpSession is org.apache.catalina.session.StandardSession. I have profiled the application with

Simple Embedded Tomcat 10 Example

I’m trying to get a simple embedded tomcat 10.1.0-M11 example working but I keep getting localhost refused to connect when I go to http://localhost:8080/aa. There is no StackOverflow label yet for embedded-tomcat-10. Here is my code: Dependencies UPDATE I have gone through every single version I found that this bug was introduced in version 9.0.0.M4 and never resolved since then.

Log4j2 tomcat 10 memory leaks on shutdown

I have memory leaks at my tomcat 10.0.16 servlet application. I am using Log4j2 2.17.2 version, and after tomcat shutdown I see next logs: My pom.xml for Log4j2 is: And also log4j2 config Most common fix is to add log4j-jakarta-web, but this does not works for me Answer Fully deleting target folder and recompiling my project seems like resolved my