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Simple Embedded Tomcat 10 Example

I’m trying to get a simple embedded tomcat 10.1.0-M11 example working but I keep getting localhost refused to connect when I go to http://localhost:8080/aa. There is no StackOverflow label yet for embedded-tomcat-10. Here is my code: Dependencies UPDATE I have gone through every single version I found that this bug was introduced in version 9.0.0.M4 and never resolved since then.

Session created by Tomcat

I am learning session with servlets and i read in the book that to create a session we need to call as below. HttpSession session = request.getSession() This causes the web container to create a session ID and send it back to client so that client can attach it with every subsequent request to the server. When i open developer

Tomcat and Tomcat dbcp issue after upgrade to v9.0.58

I’m getting this issue when upgrading Tomcat and Tomcat DBCP from v9.0.54 to v.9.0.58 with Java 11. Answer This issue was happening when we were trying to create a BasicDataSource BasicDataSource dataSource = new BasicDataSource(); which was imported from import org.apache.tomcat.dbcp.dbcp2.BasicDataSource; So we found a workaround to remove the tomcat dbcp dependency by excluding it from spring-boot starter tomcat and

Does GlassFish servlet container use that catalina?

I am running the same servlet application in both Apache Tomcat and GlassFish servers. I wanted to see the ServletConfig and ServletContext implementation class names. Surprisingly, I found that GlassFish is also using from Apache Tomcat’s catalina classes. Is my observation correct? If yes, why isn’t GlassFish using its own servlet implementation classes? [ Answer According to this FAQ entry

Spring app on Tomcat – Application at context path /web-customer-rest-demo could not be started

And it’s Tomcat all over again. I’m trying to run a Spring project on Tomcat, the build stage is fine, but I keep getting this deploy error. The content of config files follows: Tomcat log web-customer-rest-demo.xml pom.xml “It looks like your post is mostly code; please add some more details.” Who made this sh*t up, I wonder? Answer

Tomcat is crashing without errors

I’m using Tomcat 9 on a Centos 7 VPS. This server has run fine for two years, but recently crashes as if it’s out of memory. The crash occurs between 1 hour and 24 hours after fresh Tomcat kill and start. I have also restarted my VPS. I removed all app logs, to be sure some limit wasn’t being reached.

Spring cannot create UserService bean

Dao tier. I have abstract jpa dao interface, extended interface, and I added abstract implementation, from which I extend other real used implementations. These classes as follows: Service tier. Here I also have abstract service interface, one extended interface (UserService) and its abstract and real implementations: In my real project I got many extended interfaces from AbstractDao and AbstractServie. You