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Unable to connect to tomcat 9 for remote debugging via eclipse

My spring web app is deployed on a different machine with below env: window machine apache-tomcat-9.0.67 jdk-13.0.2 I tried to remote connect it via eclipse by adding below command in startup.bat or catalina.bat and then running The server in the console is showing that the “Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 8000” But when i try to connect with the

How to add health endpoint in Apache Tomcat 9?

I am using Apache Tomcat 9 server as a Maven dependency in my project. It is working fine and now I need to add a health endpoint so that it will return 200 OK if everything is running fine. I came to know about HealthCheckValve ( option in Tomcat 9 which is helpful. But I am not been able to

installing tomcat 9 on WSL

After installing tomcat 9 on WSL, it isn’t recognized by system. Since systemctl command doesn’t work on WSL, I used below command: returning I followed 2 ways to install, but the same problem occurred. References are: Is there any clue for this problem? Here is my environment: windows 10 version 2004 ubuntu 20.04 (WSL) openjdk version: “1.8.0_265” update:

How to add rewrite rule to spring boot 2.3.1

I have a Spring Boot application based on this example. Now the question is how can I add rewrite rules to my application that add /index.html when user visit the root URL. I mean when user visit http://localhost:8080/my-app or http://localhost:8080/my-app/ then I redirect him or her to http://localhost:8080/my-app/index.html. I found something here, but unfortunately does not work for me, also

Window 10 Getting tomcat 9 to work on https

My goal is to use javascript webkitGetUserMedia to access the webcam and use java WebSocket on my LAN Network. I using apache-tomcat-9.0.20 with apache-maven-3.6.3 and eclipse ide. I am able to access the http on my network just fine. However, with https I’m only able to access on the server itself. I have tried turning off my firewall changing the

Attribute ServerContainer not found in ServletContext

In my Spring boot application i use also websockets. Everything works fine, as expected in production. Now i started to create UnitTests with Spring-Boot-Test. Every time i start a @SpringBootTest , i get following exception (shortened): Long Version Spring Websocket Config Class POM.XML Spring Application Class Typical Failing Test Problem The Problem is, the actual Test never comes to the