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Tag: jakarta-ee

Is there an elegant way to exit ClientRequestFilter?

I implemented a ClientRequestFilter. But one call of a client should not be filtered, which means if the request comes from this class (in my case the class is called TokenClient) the method should just return. Right now as you can see I check the path and if it contains /token it will return. But I would rather check if

What is the name of the design pattern where I dynamically pick the correct implementation based on data?

Originally I picked the correct User implementation, based on domain and realm data from the Java EE server. However that was company code, so I had to rewrite the example with numbers. I hope the underlying pattern is still understandable though. For those unfamiliar with CDI, @Inject Instance allows you to iterate through all implementations of an interface. Answer I

Session created by Tomcat

I am learning session with servlets and i read in the book that to create a session we need to call as below. HttpSession session = request.getSession() This causes the web container to create a session ID and send it back to client so that client can attach it with every subsequent request to the server. When i open developer

How to unit test methods together with its constraint validators (which some should be mocked out)?

My app has a service layer which is composed by CDI applications scoped beans: When a method gets called, an interceptor (in my case BValInterceptor.class from Apache BVal) checks if the method contract is respected by checking the annotations and validating the parameters accordingly. As you can see, there are some custom constraints like @SectionExists, @PostExists that may hit the