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Tag: ejb

@RequestScoped + new thread

We use javaEE RequestScoped with OpenLiberty and new threads via EJB @Asynchronous. I am just curious what the actual value comes from when we inject RequestScoped bean inside a new thread? Will the RequestScoped bean be freshly initialized? Or will it be pulled from the latest request? Answer In OpenLiberty, you’ll get a new request scope every time you make

TOMEEE – Can’t lookup ejb

I have implemented a basic EJB Object in my code. Then I created a jar for this ejb. The jar file contains: package containing the ejb classes (home interface/remote bean interface/bean implementaion) META-INF folder containing the ejb-jar.xml ejb-jar.xml Then I deployed the EJB by placing the jar in webapps folder and from the server logs it seems to have been

Selecting class by Maven build profile

I am quite new to Maven and Java EE programming all-together. I would like to create a stub class for authentication testing which should be activated in the default Maven build profile. Currently I have two classes with same name but in different packages. Is it possible to somehow select the correct class to use in the build phase by