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Tag: jms

JMS, consume a message from a topic only once

I have a requirement to establish a point to point communication with publisher and consumer in my application. What I’m given is a topic. So I should make sure the message in the topic will be consumed only once and only one instance should consume it. (There are multiple instances of the consumer.) I understand message queue is the solution

JMS Topic – Weblogic to Wildfly / JBoss migration

I have one of my Topics in WebLogic with overrides properties “Time-To Deliver Override” and “Delivery Mode Override” I’m working on a migration to WildFly server. I’ve declared the Topics in the standalone.xml under the ActiveMQ subsystem tag as following But, I have no idea on how can I configure the equivalent of “Time-To Deliver Override” and “Delivery Mode Override”

ActiveMQ batch consumer

I have a requirement to consume the messages from the ActiveMQ topic and persist them in mongo. I am wondering if there is a way/configuration for consuming the messages in batch from the topic instead of reading messages one by one and making a DB call for every message. I am imagining the end solution will do something like: Consumes

TOMEEE – Can’t lookup ejb

I have implemented a basic EJB Object in my code. Then I created a jar for this ejb. The jar file contains: package containing the ejb classes (home interface/remote bean interface/bean implementaion) META-INF folder containing the ejb-jar.xml ejb-jar.xml Then I deployed the EJB by placing the jar in webapps folder and from the server logs it seems to have been