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Tag: ibm-mq

JMS, consume a message from a topic only once

I have a requirement to establish a point to point communication with publisher and consumer in my application. What I’m given is a topic. So I should make sure the message in the topic will be consumed only once and only one instance should consume it. (There are multiple instances of the consumer.) I understand message queue is the solution

Why does a variable of type print truncated content and ellipses (…)?

I would like to understand why a variable of type is printed with truncated content and ellipses (…) when converted to string. I have this code in a JSR223 Sampler in JMeter: I would like to understand why does not print the whole text content and show ellipses after some point (…) If I do, I can

Connect to IBM MQ using JmsListener

I have a Spring application and I want to connect to IBM MQ using JmsListener. This is my configuration: This is my consumer: I have deployed the application into TomEE plus container, and I have sent few messages to the queue: I have also added the below entries in the servlet-context.xml However, application did not consume these messages. How do