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Tag: spring-jms

How to target all nodes of an ActiveMQ Artemis cluster with Spring’s DefaultMessageListenerContainer

I’ve got an issue connecting to an ActiveMQ Artemis cluster (AMQ from Red Hat in fact) through Spring’s DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactory. DefaultMessageListenerContainer makes use of only one connection, regardless of the number of consumers you specify through the concurrency parameter. The problem is that, in the cluster, there are 3 brokers configured at the moment (and, as a dev, I shouldn’t care

Connect to IBM MQ using JmsListener

I have a Spring application and I want to connect to IBM MQ using JmsListener. This is my configuration: This is my consumer: I have deployed the application into TomEE plus container, and I have sent few messages to the queue: I have also added the below entries in the servlet-context.xml However, application did not consume these messages. How do