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ActiveMQ – Applications unable to connect for a minute on localhost. Eventual reconnect using failover

I’m running an ActiveMQ broker (version 5.15.12 and later downgraded to 5.15.8) on a windows server on which several local applications are running that are connecting. During heavier than average load on ActiveMQ, it happens regularly that the initial connection to ActiveMQ cannot be made by the applications (all (10) application seem to be affected evenly). On average, the web

Difference between “camel-activemq” vs “activemq-camel”

We are upgrading our system to newest stable frameworks/libraries. However, i found difficulty in understand between these two camel-activemq vs activemq-camel. Below are details: We are upgrading ActiveMQ to 5.16.2 version. Here AMQ provides “activemq-camel” libraries with its own camel dependencies like: Also, we are planning to migrate a service which runs on camel-2.x to 3.11.3. Here i see camel

ActiveMQ batch consumer

I have a requirement to consume the messages from the ActiveMQ topic and persist them in mongo. I am wondering if there is a way/configuration for consuming the messages in batch from the topic instead of reading messages one by one and making a DB call for every message. I am imagining the end solution will do something like: Consumes

Better way to wait to receive Async messages in ActiveMQ

I have used ActiveMQ to Send messages and Receive them Asynchronously. There, I’m having a problem with deciding the best way to waiting in the for messages. Sleeping thread in a loop is one option. But it feels doesn’t look good for me. Can anyone suggest a better way for this. Answer There are two ways to process/consume