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Tag: spring-boot-actuator

Spring Boot scheduled Runnable tasks continue executing even after server is shut down with an actuator

I’m currently developing a Spring-based web platform which makes use of several scheduled processes that access a central database. I wanted to introduce actuators for shutdown and restart. However, I am experiencing an issue: even though the shutdown request is accepted with a 200 response, the application context begins shutting down: And after that, I repeatedly get the following exception:* bug – Spring Boot Actuator

A bug in Spring Boot Actuator exists whereby if certain properties are used, doesn’t work in exposing the readiness endpoint at /readyz and the liveness endpoint at /livez. You get a whitelabel error page. This application has no explicit mapping for /error, so you are seeing this as a fallback. Those properties include: I need to use the management

No qualifying bean of type ‘’ in controller test

I wrote a controller which combines actuator info. In my test I get an error No qualifying bean of type ‘’. How can I actiavate default spring actuator beans in controller test(@SpringBootTest/@WebMvcTest)? Answer I guess I’m narrowing down the context is the answer to your question: Spring includes only the controller into its context skipping everything else. Try to include

ActiveMQ batch consumer

I have a requirement to consume the messages from the ActiveMQ topic and persist them in mongo. I am wondering if there is a way/configuration for consuming the messages in batch from the topic instead of reading messages one by one and making a DB call for every message. I am imagining the end solution will do something like: Consumes