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Tag: apache-camel

Apache Camel: access Route after polling

I’m using Camel JPA endpoints to poll a database and copy the data to a second one. To not poll duplicates, I’m planning to save the highest ID of the copied data and only poll data with an ID higher than that one. To save a few database writes, I want to write back the highest ID after the current

Batch consumer camel kafka

I am unable to read in batch with the kafka camel consumer, despite following an example posted here. Are there changes I need to make to my producer, or is the problem most likely with my consumer configuration? The application in question utilizes the kafka camel component to ingest messages from a rest endpoint, validate them, and place them on

Camel TypeConverter still throws NoTypeConversionAvailableException even if allowNull set to true in @Converter annotation

I’m using Apache Camel 3.4.3 and trying to convert empty value for my camel route with custom TypeConverter like this: but this way fires exception: org.apache.camel.InvalidPayloadException: No body available of type: ru.swiftcorp.common.utils.DataContainer but has value: of type: java.lang.String on: Message. Caused by: No type converter available to convert from type: java.lang.String to the required type: ru.vtb.swiftcorp.common.utils.DataContainer with value . Exchange[].