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Tag: apache-camel

How to show full message text in org.apache.activemq.command.ActiveMQTextMessage

2022-12-14 14:04:56,317 DEBUG [] (Camel (camel-1) thread #8 – JmsConsumer[my.queue]) activemq://queue:my.queue consumer received JMS message: ActiveMQTextMessage {commandId = 13, responseRequired = true, messageId = ID:xxxx, originalDestination = null,…, content = org.apache.activemq.util.ByteSequence@11ba49fe, …, text = { “foo”: “bar”, “x…y”: false}} Notice that text is truncated. How can I see the full text? EndpointMessageListener has this log line: And for message of

RouteBuilder with multiple routes

I am using a route builder in my Camel Context like this: I have implemented a RouteBuilder like this: Is it possible to implement more routes in the same route builder? Answer yes you can implement a lot of routes in the same route builder like this, I advise you to use routeId for identify the route in the logs

Apache Camel: access Route after polling

I’m using Camel JPA endpoints to poll a database and copy the data to a second one. To not poll duplicates, I’m planning to save the highest ID of the copied data and only poll data with an ID higher than that one. To save a few database writes, I want to write back the highest ID after the current

copy file to multiple folders with Camel SFTP

I have a situation where I pull a file from a folder via a Camel SFTP route. There are 3 other Camel routes which need to process the same file which I am pulling… the other routes monitor the same SFTP server. Currently, we are thinking that we should make that file which I pull, available to the 3 other

Configure Apache Qpid JMS (jakarta.jms) connectionfactory in Apache Camel XML DSL in AMQP component

Trying to use the jakarta.jms Apache Qpid AMQP client to process messages. I am trying to use poolable connection factory using org.messagehub. Standlone java code works, refer the java changes. When I try use the same in Spring XML DSL in Camel, the AMQP component doesn’t support the jakarta.jmx connection factory. Does the apache-amqp component support JMS 2.0 from Apache

How to add Camel properties component to camel context?

I’m currently trying to add properties component with location set to my properties file to use properties placeholders in my project: But addComponent() function expects Component type argument, not PropertiesComponent even though PropertiesComponent extends the DefaultComponent class. I’ve added this dependency to pom.xml to use it: and also added the resources tag: The error I get looks like this: java: