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RabbitMQ Streams

Using this document as a reference: I have created a stream in RabbitMQ and added 1 million messages to it. I’m trying to read back all of the messages in the stream by doing the following: However, this will only print up to message 499. How do i see all of the messages in the stream? Answer Since your

Does Spring AMQP CorrelationData getFuture wait indefinitely without timeout?

In the context of Publisher confirms, when waiting for the CorrelationData’s future (SettableListenableFuture#get()) – does it wait indefinitely or is there a timeout configured under the water? Answer It does wait indefinitely. There is just no any opinion and everything is delegated directly to the java.util.concurrent.FutureTask internally in the org.springframework.util.concurrent.SettableListenableFuture implementation. Not sure why the question, but in normal situation

Dynamically configure RabbitMQ users and permissions with Java Spring AMQP

For security reasons, I want to configure separate user accounts with specific permissions to isolates queues in RabbitMQ. As users need to be a dynamic (adding new, removing deactivated…) I would like to achieve this with Java Spring AMQP. Creating queues, exchanges and bindings is possible with The RabbitMQ Management HTTP API provides also features regarding the user management, as

Sending messages from Java to RabbitMQ using com.rabbitmq.http.client.Client

I’m trying to send messages from a Java service to RabbitMQ. I’m using some Java RabbitMQ client library and trying to run the following code: In the last line (Client objectinitialization), the following error is thrown: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/springframework/http/converter/json/Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder I think I might be missing something in my pom.xml or maybe something with the version of Spring. However, I have not