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Tag: amqp

IllegalStateException: Cannot Subscrie.Processor is already terminated

I created a new eventhub and trying to publish messages to eventHubA. When I am trying to send messages to eventhub , I get the following error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: namespace[xxxxx] entityPath[xxxxx]: Cannot subscribe. Processor is already terminated at Below is the code snippet i am using: I have defined the eventhubProducerClient as a Bean. Below is my gradle dependencies Answer

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException when publishing a message with RabbitTemplate

I try to publish a message on a Queue with RabbitTemplate (using Spring Boot) and I got this message. I already tried to search for a solution. Maybe this part of code can help I appreciate any collaboration. Answer The problem is that your class SimpleMessage does not implement Serializable. RabbitTemplate.convertAndSend uses SimpleMessageConveter to convert your message into an amqp