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Tag: kubernetes

Kubernetes Java API (Model) Deep Copy

I am trying to deep copy items from the official Kubernetes Java V1 API models but there aren’t any copy constructors, Cloneable, nor Serializable interface implementations in any of the model objects. Does anyone have any ideas on how one may go about achieving this? Edit: Given the confusion of @RoddyoftheFrozenPeas I would like to clarify the situation for those

K8s Spring Application cannot connect to Mysql DB

I wanted to try and deploy my spring boot application on kubernetes. I setted up a test environment with microk8s (dns,storage,ingress enabled) which consists of a pod running the application itself and a pod with the MySQL database. Each pod has its own service and is running on the same default namespace. The yaml files can be seen bellow: Application

How to specify role at node level within Akka cluster?

Given the following appliction.conf : To discern between the roles within an Actor I use : edited from src ( To enable role for a node I use the following config : Within application.conf I configure the array for the roles but this appears to be at the cluster level rather than node level. In other words it does not

how to get the Node CPU% and MEMORY% value using java io.fabric8 kubernetes-client library

kubectl top nodes NAME                      CPU(cores)   CPU%  MEMORY(bytes)  MEMORY%  gsdjsgfhdsgfz-12345665-jisj000000 934m       24%     10439Mi       82% gsdjsgfhdsgfz-12345665-jisj000001 717m       18%     9132Mi         72% gsdjsgfhdsgfz-12345665-jisj000002 1099m         28%     7614Mi       60% how

Name or Service not Known when calling service via spring boot in Openshift Container Platform (a cloud-based Kubernetes container platform)

I have an application which consists of a backend (spring boot) and a search engine (elasticsearch). After I deployed it into OCP, Initially I tested the connection between the two using the command “curl” to elasticsearch service (https://service-name.namespace.svc.cluster.local:9200) from backend pod and it worked. Here’s the picture: However, when I try to access elasticsearch from within the deployed backend application,