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Tag: kubernetes

Unable to load config data to springboot application from mounted volume in kubernetes

I have springboot application and I am trying to load additional configuration from a volume mounted location /tmp/secret-config.yaml and getting below error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to load config data from ‘/tmp/secret-config.yaml’ I do not want to use configmap or secrets for this. It’s a simple json file which I am trying to load. I am trying to pass it like this

Set Xmx and Xms for java application running on k8s

I’ve an application running on k8s and would like to updated the java heapsize . I’ve updated the JAVA_OPTS environnement variable and set it in the deployment file as below but when i run the below command it looks like my changes does not takes effect I’m i wrong can someone help me and explain how to set hose values

Kubernetes Java API (Model) Deep Copy

I am trying to deep copy items from the official Kubernetes Java V1 API models but there aren’t any copy constructors, Cloneable, nor Serializable interface implementations in any of the model objects. Does anyone have any ideas on how one may go about achieving this? Edit: Given the confusion of @RoddyoftheFrozenPeas I would like to clarify the situation for those

K8s Spring Application cannot connect to Mysql DB

I wanted to try and deploy my spring boot application on kubernetes. I setted up a test environment with microk8s (dns,storage,ingress enabled) which consists of a pod running the application itself and a pod with the MySQL database. Each pod has its own service and is running on the same default namespace. The yaml files can be seen bellow: Application