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Tag: configuration

how to log only one level with log4j2?

I’m using log4j2 in my application. What I want is everything up to ‘debug’ to go to console, everything up to ‘info’ to go to myapp.log, and ONLY ‘info’ to go to ‘myapp-audit.log’. The reason is, INFO mostly consists of successful modifications to data (ex. ‘user created’, ‘user updated’, ‘user deleted’, and so on). If is effectively an audit log

Can’t remove jar from Web App Library

How can I remove the jars in my Web App Library? I manually added a couple jars to the web app library. My program is now pitching a fit so I clearly need to remove them. However, when I go to the Build Path, the “Remove” is greyed out. Answer A project’s Web App Library is composed automatically by Eclipse