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Tag: scala

Java cannot find symbol for imported scala class

I received a Scala jar and need to write a java program to use a method. The imported Scala method definitely works because it has been in production for years. here is the program: Decompiled Scala code: Here are observations: Error message: cannot find symbol constructor VerifyApp() location: class Just a note that this location is correct VerifyApp, from

java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError

I have a few Scala test classes in a gradle project that work just fine when run individually. But when run through the gradle test task, it fails with the following error in beforeEach of all classes – The line that it is failing at is creating an instance of a Scala case class which has some default values assigned

How to specify role at node level within Akka cluster?

Given the following appliction.conf : To discern between the roles within an Actor I use : edited from src ( To enable role for a node I use the following config : Within application.conf I configure the array for the roles but this appears to be at the cluster level rather than node level. In other words it does not

To find the weekly date range based on the input

I am having scenario with my property file input like below for weekly reports Data lag – 10 days Run day – Tuesday. The requirement is based on the date lag: I have to move the calendar 10 days back. Then I want to find the Tuesday (any weekday may be specified in a parameter). From that I want to