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Tag: apache-spark

Removing run / fork := true from sbt results in [runtime, notfound] exception, and if not removed i can’t take user input from console

*if run / fork := true is removed from sbt then: Caused by: /Users/ajitkumar/Downloads/flice/sensor-nws/target/bg-jobs/sbt_4be36759/target/135c9252/81ecd14d/hadoop-client-api-3.3.1.jar (No such file or directory) if not removed the below code results in Answer The problem gets solved after adding run / connectInput := true to build.sbt. more on this:

Running unit tests with Spark 3.3.0 on Java 17 fails with IllegalAccessError: class StorageUtils cannot access class

According to the release notes, and specifically the ticket Build and Run Spark on Java 17 (SPARK-33772), Spark now supports running on Java 17. However, using Java 17 (Temurin-17.0.3+7) with Maven (3.8.6) and maven-surefire-plugin (3.0.0-M7), when running a unit test that uses Spark (3.3.0) it fails with: java.lang.IllegalAccessError: class$ (in unnamed module @0x1e7ba8d9) cannot access class (in module

BiGrams Spark using java

I already have the sentences in a RDD and the output looks like: RT @DougJ7777: If Britain wins #Eurovision then we have to rejoin the EU. It’s in the rules. #Eurovision2018 RT @Mystificus: Of course I’ll watch #eurovision tonight. After all, 200 million people can’t be wrong, can they? Er…🍊🔫… RT @KlNGNEUER: Me when Europeans make fun of Eurovision VS

Scala No Method Found Exception

I am using getting the below line of error : My Pom : Any help regarding this ? Answer Check mvn dependency:tree. All your Scala libs will be suffixed with the major Scala version: All of them need to be the same major version otherwise you’ll get binary incompatible libs at runtime. Your maven pom should have all Scala libs

A parquet file of a dataset having a String field containing leading zeroes returns that field without leading zeroes, if it is paritionned by it

I have a Dataset gathering informations about French cities, and the field that is troubling me is the department one (CodeDepartement). When the Dataset isn’t partitioned by this String field codeDepartement: everything is working well When that function runs, if I don’t attempt to partition the dataset (the required statements for partitioning are commented here), everything goes fine: The content