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Removing run / fork := true from sbt results in [runtime, notfound] exception, and if not removed i can’t take user input from console

*if run / fork := true is removed from sbt then: Caused by: /Users/ajitkumar/Downloads/flice/sensor-nws/target/bg-jobs/sbt_4be36759/target/135c9252/81ecd14d/hadoop-client-api-3.3.1.jar (No such file or directory) if not removed the below code results in Answer The problem gets solved after adding run / connectInput := true to build.sbt. more on this:

Avoid platform specific dependencies in SBT packageBin

In a Java11 project (actually Java Play-Framework) I depend directly on org.deeplearning4j:deeplearning4j-nlp:1.0.0-M2 in my build.sbt running SBT 1.5.5. That dependency transitively depends on several other libraries (like e.g. org.bytedeco:ffmpeg:5.0-1.5.7) that exists as platform dependent libraries and seem to use the SBT “classifier” to indicate the platform .. linux-x86, linux-x86_64, android-x86_64, windows… and so on. Now with my SBT commands like

Scala Sealed trait def to val (How to set value?)

I’m kinda new to Scala and have been working on a piece of code that looks like this: I’m kinda confused about how to set the branch variable which is defined as a def in the trait. When I debug I’d like to see branch as a property of the class so its be can be called as :SomeBank.branch because

It is possible to Stream data from beam (Scio) to an S3 bucket?

Currently, I’m working on a project which extracts data from a BigQuery table using Scio in Scala. I’m able to extract and ingest the data into ElasticSearch, but I’m trying to do the same but using an S3 bucket as storage. Certainly, I’m able to write the data into a txt file using the method saveAsTextFile, and then upload it