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spark java how to select newly added column using withcolumn

I am trying to create java spark program and trying to add anew column using

qdf.withColumn("newColumn", functions.lit("newCOlumn_val"))

and when I am trying to select with

qdf.withColumn("newColumn", functions.lit("newColumn_val")).select(qdf.col("xyz"),qdf.col("newColumn")).show();

its saying Cannot reslove column name newColumn. Can some one please help me how to do this in Java?


qdf is the dataframe before you added the newColumn which is why you are unable to select it with qdf.col("newColumn").

To get a handle on it you can use functions.col("newColumn") e.g.

qdf.withColumn("newColumn", functions.lit("newColumn_val"))

Alternatively you can store the dataframe after calling withColumn and it should then be accessible e.g.

final var qdf2 = qdf.withColumn("newColumn", functions.lit("newColumn_val"));"xyz"), qdf2.col("newColumn")).show();

Or you can use raw strings as in Srinivas’s answer.