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Tag: aws-sdk

How to getQueueUrl as an array with an array of queueName?

Is there a way to get an array response for val getQueueUrlResponse on SQSClient.getQueueUrl method call with an array of sqsNames? I have many sqsNames and I’d like to batch the request into one request, I’d like to avoid hitting SQSClient multiple times. So if I have 10 elements in Array sqsName, I’d like 10 elements in the getQueueUrlResponse val.

Query DynamoDb Global Secondary Index

i am trying out dynamodb locally and got the following table: I want to query it with Java like this: But it throws a Exception with “QUery Key Condition not supported”. I dont understand this, because in the docs, the “<” operator is described as regular operation. Can anybody help me Answer DDB Query() requires a key condition that includes

Maven error in Eclipse when including aws-java-sdk-acmpca

Whenever I add the dependency below, I get this error in Eclipse: Errors running builder ‘Maven Project Builder’ on project. Could not initialize class okhttp3.internal.platform.Platform I tried adding it to its own project with no other dependencies and I still get the same error so I don’t think that a dependency is clashing with anything else. Is it possibly caused

AWS Java SDK for service to service Oauth client credentential flow authentication with Cognito user pool?

Situation: I have java background process service running that needs to access a secured REST API endpoint. The API endpoint an AWS lambda function running behind Amazon API Gateway, using the Serverless framework. It is secured with a Amazon Cognito User Pool Authorizer. I have created an App Client for my Java background service, which is attached to the user