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Tag: docker

How do I execute a docker container

I created the images locally and created one repository in DockerHub called testName/backend. The docker images command shows the created images. And I would like to run the container with a command in the format docker run yourImage:version. So according to this (so I think I should call such a command: docker run 10fc47e065ff:0.0.1-SNAPSHOT However, I get this message: Unable

Container Fails to Start: Insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue

We have an enterprise application running on Java 8. The deployment environment is built & updated through Bitbucket pipelines. I have a graphic showing the high-level architecture of the environment. We have two app servers running identical configurations apart from some application specific environment variables. It was all working well until a week ago when after a successful pipeline run,

Docker ENV LD_PRELOAD prevent container crash but throw Cannot run program “ls”: error=2, No such file or directory

I have a problem while call in a Java Application inside a Quarkus Server which is Running on an Alpine 3.15.4 inside a Docker container. I have created a small demo. The results are: Configuration 1 Enable in the docker file Results: init ok shell fail Configuration2 Disable in the docker file Results: init fail shell ok If init

Custom LiquibaseDataTypes not found in docker image classpath

I am trying to build a custom Liquibase docker image (based on the official liquibase/liquibase:4.3.5 image) for running database migrations in Kubernetes. I am using some custom types for the database which are implemented using @DataTypeInfo annotation and extending existing LiquibaseDataTypes like liquibase.datatype.core.VarcharType (class discovery is implemented using the META-INF/services/liquibase.datatype.LiquibaseDatatype mechanism introduced in Liquibase 4+). These extensions are implemented inside

Create Docker Image with Custom JDK

I’m attempting to create a Docker image for my custom JDK install. It’s simply the Jetbrains Runtime with Hotswap agent added to it. I’m new to docker images and creating a source image like this seems to be extra difficult to find clear documentation. So far, I have this in my Dockerfile and I don’t really know where to go