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How to print out environment variables, when starting a Micronaut application

I am working on a Micronaut project, where I would like to see if the environment variables from the application.yml are being correctly assigned using the @Value annotation, when the app starts locally. But every time the app is starting it shows me that the variables are not being assigned to the environment variables from the application.yml file. That is

How can I work with micronaut 3 and google secret manager?

Currently migrating my application to Micronaut 3, I encountered one problem with micronaut-gcp. Especially with the google secret manager. I am using gradle with Kotlin DSL. Actual configuration: (not working, using plugin io.micronaut.library version 2.0.4) gradle 7.2 micronaut 3.0.1 Previous configuration: (working with no plugin, using micronaut-bom) gradle 6.5.1 micronaut 2.4.0 micronautGcp 3.5.0 I/ The Problem My goal is to