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Tag: build.gradle

What is the purpose of apply maven plugin in build.gradle?

I keep seeing apply plugin: ‘maven’ in build.gradle files for Java projects. What is the purpose of adding a Maven plugin? I can’t seem to find the plugin when querying for it on Answer Why don’t you just google it? “The Maven plugin adds support for deploying artifacts to Maven repositories.”

Gradle – Could not find load main class

I need to tune the JVM memory by help of Gradle. I’ve writen settings in the file: org.gradle.jvmargs=-XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=60M but it didn’t work. Then I’ve done it manually in an IDEA (Run>Edit Configurations…) and wrote the settings for the needed class (in VM options: field) and it works. Can we do the same by help of Gradle? I’ve tried to

Gradle Build Error in Multi-module project: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: at groovyjarjarasm.asm.signature.SignatureReader.parseType

I’m getting Execution failed for task ‘:app-specification:compileTestGroovy’ along with org.gradle.api.tasks.TaskExecutionException: when trying to build gradle. This is a multi-module gradle project with the first module being the main app(SpringBoot app) with some Spock tests and the other module which consists of Cucumber specifications(feature files and step definitions). The gradle build occurs at specifications, which uses the main spring boot application

No such property: count for class: com.github.jengelman.gradle.plugins.shadow.transformers.ServiceFileTransformer

Creating a new application with the latest version of Micronaut using Intellj throws an exception during the build process. build.gradle Answer You need to upgrade to Shadow 7.0.0. build.gradle: This issue has been fixed with PR #655. The root cause is a change to Groovy itself (Jira: GROOVY-9292, GitHub: PR #1050), details in the linked PR.