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Slowness after migrating to Grails 5.1.1 – time spent on GrailsControllerUrlMappingInfo

Recently, we migrated our backend APIs from Grails 3 to Grails 5.1.1 Together with it we also upgraded java version to 11. Everything is running on Docker. Otherwise, nothing else has changed. After the migration, we are now facing performance issues. But it’s a weird one. First, we got some results from NewRelic: NewRelic is showing that org.grails.web.mapping.mvc.GrailsControllerUrlMappingInfo is to

Grails Sortable Column Issue

class Role implements Serializable { // this is my domain class private static final long serialVersionUID = 1 String authority Role(String authority) { this() this….

Groovy HTTP ResponseParseException not found

I am trying to make simple GET request using groovy HTTP request. I am expecting JSON response in this form: So far I have done this in my code: and I am always getting this response: I have googled and found out that it’s problem related to groovy and this problem was not occurring before version 2.3.0, like this post

How do I configure PostgreSQL with Grails 3.0?

I am using IntelliJ IDEA 15.0.2 as an IDE. I have created a Grails 3.0 application and changed it a bit to configure PostgreSQL. Here is my dataSource: And in my build.gradle I added runtime “postgresql:postgresql:9.4-1207.jdbc4”. But that gives errors when I run: What have I missed? Answer Data source Build Config Change the jre number according to your db

Convert base64 string to image

I am trying to crop/resize user profile image using jquery plugin namely crop.js which sends user image as base64 via ajax to my controller as but I unable to decode this base64 string as Image,Can you guys guide me how can I save my base64 string as image on my server?. Answer This assumes a few things, that you know

How to add Java JAR files to Grails project?

I have a few Java/Maven projects that I want to use in a Grails 2.0.4 project. I have tried various approaches, such as: Installing the JAR files in my local maven repository, and executing grails install-dependency Copying the JAR files into the lib folder of grails. Adding compile to the dependencies section of BuildConfig.groovy Uncommenting mavenLocal() and passing