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Tag: postgresql

Change in LIMIT clause while upgrading jooq from 3.14.6 to 3.17.5

I am trying to upgrade JOOQ from 3.14.6 to 3.17.5. I am observing that generated SQL across two versions are different Jooq 3.14.6 In Jooq 3.17.5 Can someone let me know If there are any settings in jooq codegen (version 3.17.5) which will allow me to have the generated SQL same as in 3.14.6? Is there any documentation link which

Data type is not updating on Database

In my entity class, I want to change the data type of a field but it’s not updating in the database. I am using PostgreSQL. I have also tried adding this: in application properties and still, it doesn’t work I don’t know why, please help, and thanks. What I have : Answer If you just created your database and doesn’t

Flyway Repeatable Script Throwing Table Does Not Exist Error

I am currently trying to trim down my versioned scripts into one baseline script (we don’t pay for flyway so is a pain). So I deleted my schema and attempted to run my one big script that contains everything I had. I exported the DDL out of my DBeaver client. However when starting my applications I am getting this error:

Find date inside each month

In my project, in the repository, this select finds the nearest date with a currency id that is less than or equal to the date whose range I set. How can I find a date in each month that is greater than or equal to the date I want to bind, but with the condition that this date must be

PostgreSQL’s JSONB data type with Hibernate: Error creating bean with name ‘entityManagerFactory’ defined in class path resource-Unable to load class

Now I learn about nested jsons and geojson and how to save them in PostgreSQL as JsonB directly in database and before starting. Inspiration source: Error I get when running the app: Here is the Main Entity: Here is the geojson(nested json) I want to save as Jsonb in a column in database: Here is the implementation of Usertype

Spring boot won’t connect to Postgres database

I am trying to learn Spring Boot with a tutorial. I have the code and the database, but I keep getting a Hibernate ERROR whenever I try to connect the two… This is the Error I get: I have the dependency set up in my pom.xml: The StudentService And the StudentController class Unfortunately I have no idea what’s the